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Oddity Files: The longing spirit (residential investigation)

Oddity Files investigates a residence in Bloomington Indiana when a friend of the crew starts having paranormal activity just off the campus of Indiana University.

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PANICd Videos: On July 28, 2015, PANICd traveled to Squire Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. This video features an EVP that PANICd caught on one of the recorders.
You can find out more information about Squire Castle at:

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A fascinating case where a ghost solves their own murder.


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Ghost Stories (31)
One Strange Night at The Cemetery by Mr Ghost Stories124 reads
It was about 12 years ago when we ran a paranormal investigation group. It was 3 of us guys, all family related. We would typically visit cemeteries at night, hoping to catch sight of a ghost or encounter anything paranormal. We were just a very curious group, doing a lot of EVP recordings.

One night, we went to Houston cemetery, a landmark in Houston, Texas with famous graves and sprawling fields of headstones, rolling hills, the place is just breathtaking. During this one particular night,... Keep Reading
Grandma's basement by sav8604158 reads
When I was going to college, I worked part-time on campus. During winter break, I would do odd jobs for extra income, one of which was to babysit my aunt and uncle's dogs when they were out of town. They were staying in my great grandmother's house at the time and were out of town, and I was left in charge of two small dogs. The basement in this house always freaked me out a little because once when I was little, I saw a blue light hovering on one side of the basement. It was a small glowing blu... Keep Reading
"The Figurines" by Sheila Renee Parker110 reads
When I was growing up, in my family’s home we had a china cabinet with glass doors and three shelves on the top level. On the bottom level was a wooden section with doors that could be used for storing small things. This attractive piece of furniture was full of delicate chinaware and other ornate objects that had been collected throughout the years. I remember white dishes beautifully decorated with a red intricate design and on the center shelf, just about at eye level, sat two pilgrim looking... Keep Reading
The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition by Sheila Renee Parker195 reads
Crossing over into the afterlife isn’t an easy subject for many to talk about simply because it involves the thought of losing a loved one who is very dear to them.

Unfortunately, it has been a little more than seven years since my father’s passing. His death was extremely untimely and a total shock to me and my family. I’ll never forget that call I received in the wee hours of the morning of the heartbreaking news. It was a moment that had changed my life forever. There were so many question... Keep Reading
A Beautiful Dream by Ashley99738899171 reads
This is my friend's story, his name is Keshawn and he will be typing. It's 9:45 pm right now so he will start typing, bye. Hey, guys, my name is Keshawn Long. I've never done anything like this, so let's start with the story.

I had a dream but it was something that I couldn't explain. Well, I guess I can say that the dream was beautiful to me. In my dream, I was in the woods. It was twilight and it was cloudy, I was wandering around and everything was so beautiful. I saw blue flowers, I heard... Keep Reading
The Spirit In The Bath Tub by Courtney666229 reads
As long as I can remember spirits have been following me and affecting my life. It all started when I was five years old. I remember me and my mom sharing an old house together before she met my dad and my room was on the opposite side of the house and I had my own bathroom. From where my bed was I could see the open door to my bathroom where I could see my bathtub. As a child, I was pigeon-toed and had to wear these shoes at night that would straighten out my feet which made it pretty impossibl... Keep Reading
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Latest Comments
Mr Ghost Stories in The Attic Door
(November 19th, 2017)Baron Wrote: I like this story, it is chilling, Reminds me of something that happened to me.

I agree with Baron, thanks for sharing this great story!
Mr Ghost Stories in One Strange Night at The Cemetery
Thanks for asking. No, we never went back as a group to summon Mary. But that would have been cool to do so! Especially with an Ouija board.
GhostQuest in One Strange Night at The Cemetery
Creepy!! Did you ever go back to try and ask Mary more questions?
Baron in The Attic Door
I like this story, it is chilling, Reminds me of something that happened to me.
Thomas in It said "Travis"
OMG, this scared me! lol
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